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Global Search for Husbands: Japan Exploring International Marriages Through Matchmaking

Japan Exploring Matchmaking Options by inviting Black men to meet and marry Japanese women,
Matchmaking In Japan

Recently, I came across a thread of posts that read, "Japan seeking Black men to impregnate their women, paying $75,000." Unfortunately, like many countries, marriage and birth rates are declining for various reasons. Despite all the dating apps, people cannot find lifelong partners. Is this due to the lack of emotional intelligence and communication, sprinkled with individuals conditioned to be non-compliant in the "authenticity department"? Perhaps all of the above, plus some.

My question is, "Why the Black man?" He is the forbidden fruit of many cultures, yet he and Black women are strongly desired and sought out the most. Is it his "presumed" well-endowed status, and is it her natural brick body accentuating her every curve? After all, they say, "The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice." As I watched Japanese women being interviewed by a Japanese man on TikTok (click here) about dating Black men, these women smiled with glee and were ready for "Black" love, most of them. Tokyo has recently launched their own dating app to increase marriages and birth rates.

As an international matchmaker with intentionality and who offers diaspora dating and beyond; dating, relationships, and marriage should be about compatibility, truth, and authenticity though we all have a preference. As I have spent much time in Africa, particularly Nigeria, I find that the African culture is very much family-oriented with "old school" values which I miss and cherished as a child. The United States Census Bureau states that married couple households made up most of family households in 2020 (click here). These statistics signify that the sanctity of marriage still exists. As an expert, I must admit, individuals are seeking forever love including cross-culturally and interracially. If this is you, schedule a discovery call (click here) to discuss your immediate needs. If you are interested in submitting your information to our database as a potential mate, it is FREE (click here). Only those who have submitted all their information will be considered. After you have submitted the initial four questions, please check your email so that you can complete your questionnaire.

5 Tips In Hiring A Matchmaker and a BONUS

  1. Compatibility and Alignment

  2. Cost and Commitment

  3. Experience and Success Rate

  4. Reputation and Credentials

  5. Understanding the Process


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Cheron K. Griffin, Matchmaker

Dating and Relationship Coach

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