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How to Navigate the Dating Experience Successfully.

Learning to Date Without Expectations Except to Have Fun

Having previously been a serial dater, my primary objective in the dating realm was simply to enjoy myself. Although my personal goal was to eventually find a life partner, I didn't approach the early stages of dating as a series of job interviews. Instead, I sought to have a good time and let the natural course of events unfold. At the end of the day, a date could potentially result in a friendship, a business connection, or a wonderful romantic relationship. Life is too short to burden people, especially those we hardly know, with undue pressure.

When engaging in the dating process, it's crucial to approach it with intention and grace. Allow individuals to express their true selves, while doing the same yourself. One of the main issues arises when people expect others to conform to unrealistic expectations, and often, we find ourselves falling into the same trap, pretending to be someone we're not. In my dating experience, I remained authentic from the beginning of a date to its conclusion, and this genuine approach made me more appealing.

To find success in the dating world, it's essential to grant others the freedom to be themselves without passing judgment. If you discover that their way of being doesn't align with your core values, it's perfectly acceptable to move on to another date. A successful date is one where you have engaging conversations, enjoy good food, partake in new experiences, share laughter, and potentially forge new friendships.

In conclusion, when embarking on a date, strive to present yourself in the best possible light. Take care to look and smell pleasant. Practice smiling before the date to exude positivity. Arrive early, as being on time is considered tardiness; aim to be fifteen minutes early and prepare for any unforeseen obstacles. Above all, remain true to yourself and most importantly, have fun.


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Happy Dating!

-Cheron K. Griffin

"Madame Butterfly"

Dating Concierge and Matchmaker


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