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Please take time to fill out the client / prospect inquiry form below and SUBMIT.  Once submitted, please check your email for further details.  You must be at least 23 years old to be considered for this service.

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"Client" refers to a straight male or female who is seeking our matchmaking service. This person is looking for assistance in finding a compatible partner, whether for dating, a committed relationship, marriage, or companionship. The client is the customer or user of the matchmaking service, and their preferences, values, and goals are central to the matchmaking process.

"Prospect Match" refers to a straight female (23+) whose profile and characteristics align with the preferences, criteria, and values specified by our client. Potential matches are identified by the matchmaking service as individuals who may be compatible and suitable for forming a romantic relationship or connection with the client.

As a dedicated matchmaker catering to busy professionals and high achievers, my expertise lies in assisting successful individuals in finding compatible partners who align with their interests and values. I specialize in diaspora dating and beyond. My coaching services encompass a diverse range of offerings to anyone requiring my services. Here's a breakdown of the matchmaking services I provide:


Personalized approach: I take a personalized approach to matchmaking, working closely with each client to gain a deep understanding of their personality, preferences, and relationship goals. I also take into account their lifestyle, values, and career goals, ensuring that their potential matches are compatible on multiple levels.


Extensive screening: I conduct extensive screening of potential matches, including background checks, to ensure that they meet the high standards of my clients. I only introduce clients to matches who have been thoroughly vetted and who share similar values and interests.


Privacy and confidentiality: I understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality to high-value individuals, and I take great care to protect their personal information and privacy. I work with clients on a one-on-one basis, and all communication is kept strictly confidential.


Ongoing support: My services don't end once a match has been made. I provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the dating process, offering feedback and advice as needed to help clients navigate the ups and downs of the dating world.


Elite Coaching and Matchmaking is tailored for high-level individuals seeking comprehensive and personalized coaching, including exclusive matchmaking services, to achieve exceptional results in their dating and relationship endeavors.  In the Elite Coaching Package with Cheron K. Griffin, clients receive comprehensive and personalized coaching to achieve exceptional results in their dating and relationship endeavors.

Please schedule a discovery call, and let's begin the process of finding your perfect match.  Once scheduled, our team will diligently work with you to ensure a personalized and fulfilling matchmaking experience.

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