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Add-On Services

Welcome to our exclusive dating platform, where we cater to every aspect of your romantic journey with precision and finesse. Whether you're already married or actively seeking a partner, our services cater to every stage of your romantic journey. In addition to our unparalleled matchmaking services, we offer a range of adjunct services designed to elevate your experience to new heights. Capture your best self with our professional photography sessions, ensuring that your online profile exudes confidence and authenticity. Enhance your smile and boost your confidence with our specialized dental wellness treatments, because we believe that a radiant smile is your best accessory. Impress your partner with thoughtful gestures by exploring our curated selection of gifts, meticulously chosen to express your affection. Let our dedicated dating concierge handle the logistics, from planning unforgettable dates to providing personalized recommendations, allowing you to focus on forming meaningful connections. Elevate your style and refine your image with our expert image consulting services, ensuring that you make a lasting impression both online and offline. At our dating sanctuary, we go beyond matchmaking to provide a comprehensive and luxurious experience tailored to your every need.


As a standard practice, matchmaking services offer an assortment of client photographs as an integral component of their offerings. These images serve the purpose of acquainting potential matches with the client's appearance, aiding them in gauging their interest in initiating an in-person interaction.

Within our service, we present a comprehensive visual representation of our clients, encompassing professional headshots and full-body portraits, all captured in-house. For those seeking an enhanced experience, we also extend the option of lifestyle and candid photography for a supplementary fee.

Our comprehensive package, encompassing headshots, full body shots, and optional lifestyle and candid photographs, is available at a rate of $500. This package is tailored to provide you with a holistic view of our clients, aiding you in making informed and meaningful connections.

Image Consulting

I offer image consulting services to help clients improve their personal style, grooming, and overall appearance. By making small changes to their appearance, clients can make a great first impression on potential matches and increase their chances of finding a compatible partner.  Image consulting fees are based upon clients needs.

Smile Design

Smile makeovers are a more comprehensive dental service that can transform a person's smile. This adjunct service can be particularly helpful for individuals who may have more significant dental issues, such as missing or damaged teeth, and may feel self-conscious about their smile. As a provider of dating and matchmaking services, I offer smile makeovers as an adjunct service to my clients who may benefit from it. By improving their smile, clients can feel more confident and comfortable in social situations, including dates.  Smile Makers are through a dental tourism program.  If you are interested in any of our teeth whitening products, please click here.

Gift Purchases

Clients seeking to procure gifts for their potential partners or life companions can seamlessly leverage this service for a hassle-free gifting experience. Recognizing the inherent challenge of selecting impeccable presents for matches, particularly in the early stages of acquaintance, I am delighted to offer an array of thoughtful solutions.

From exquisite flowers to delectable chocolates and other carefully curated items, my selection of gift options is designed to enable clients to express their interest and affection in a deeply meaningful manner. I comprehend the intricacies of cultivating connections, and through these gifts, I aim to facilitate genuine gestures that resonate with authenticity.

In the pursuit of fostering harmonious relationships, I extend this service to elevate your dating journey. Here's to your fulfilling and gratifying pursuit of companionship. Happy Dating!

Date Concierge 

Engage in a seamless and refined dating concierge experience tailored to your preferences. Through my service, you can enjoy the luxury of relinquishing the planning and coordination of your date nights, special occasions, and celebratory events.

Experience the relief of entrusting me with the orchestration of your memorable moments. From meticulously arranging your wedding anniversary to curating an unforgettable celebration for your significant other's birthday, I handle every detail with precision and care. This service is designed to alleviate the pressures of event planning, ensuring that your significant other will never be disappointed again due to lack of planning or forgetting those special events. This way, you can focus on cherishing these occasions and creating cherished memories without any worries.

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