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Confessions of a Serial Dater

It Only Makes Sense Because I'm Great At It!

Alright, buckle up for some dating wisdom from yours truly! Let me start by saying, I was the queen of dating. I had a whole rotation of amazing men in my repertoire. I mean, who needs to be the prettiest girl in the room when you can be the most confident woman? Dating was a breeze for me, and oh boy, did I have fun. I never had to ask for anything because the guys would just take me shopping on the first date. No biggie. Now, let me set the record straight: dating is just that, dating. It's all about enjoying the company of a wonderful person, having a blast, and no, it doesn't automatically mean hopping into bed. That's just people's limited thinking, not mine. I'm not here to judge, folks.

So, as I'm diving headfirst into the world of matchmaking and dating concierge services, I thought, "Hey, let's do some research!" I reached out to my ex-husbands and former flames to get their take on dating me - the good and the bad. They had some interesting things to say: non-combative, positive energy, fun and funny, takes care of herself, gives compliments, intriguing, relatable, beautiful, confident, classy, sexy, street-smart yet educated. You know, the works.

Now, here's the funny part. The only negative comment I received was about asking me what I wanted as a gift. Apparently, I'm a wild card in that department. One poor guy dared to ask me what I wanted for my birthday, and I casually dropped the bomb: "Tires for my car, please." Yeah, I know, it's a lot to ask for after only a few dates, but hey, he asked, and I answered honestly. Thanks, buddy, for those fancy new tires. They're smooth as silk!

Now, let's talk about my dating philosophy. I may be old-school, but even in this modern age, I believe men should open doors and be chivalrous. They should court women, dammit! Sadly, many ladies have embraced their masculine side, leaving men scratching their heads. But here's the secret sauce: even as a woman who embraced her masculine energy, I knew how to be soft and embrace the "soft life." It took some time and therapy to let my guard down and allow the universe to serve me a platter of amazing men. I kissed my fair share of frogs, but boy, did the universe deliver some affluent, kind-hearted princes. It was like the universe said, "Your wish is my command."

All those wonderful dates eventually led me to my fifth (yes, fifth!) husband, and let me tell you, he's beyond amazing. Being a serial dater was an absolute blast. I went on vacations, received fabulous gifts, and along the way, I made friends, found business partners, and discovered love. Oh, and don't get me started on the idea that women can't actively look for love. Ladies, not only should you look for love, but also prepare yourself for it. Get your mind, body, wardrobe, and life ready to receive the incredible husband that God wants to bless you with.

Oh, and a quick side note: I recently coached a client through her dating journey, helping her find that ever-after kind of love. And guess what? She's now happily married! When I heard the news, I burst into tears. All those tough love coaching sessions paid off. She had reversed the roles, acting like "the man" while the poor guys played "the woman." But after some hard truths and realizations, she got it and got her dream husband too!

So, if you're interested in relationship or dating coaching, or maybe you're thinking, "Hey, I need a matchmaker to work some magic for me," then look no further! Set up a consultation with me, and let's get you on the path to getting what you want, need, or desire. I don't just give you my thoughts, I give you my knowledge and experience. I mean, I didn't collect five wedding bands and throw five weddings for nothing! I'm happily married now, and I'm here to guide you towards your own epic love story. Trust me, I've got the T-shirt to prove it!

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Cheron K. Griffin

Dating Concierge and Matchmaker

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