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SIR, You’ve Lost “IT!”

It's Time to Get Your Groove Back

Grant it, life has been doing what it does, but you haven't. You use to be more proactive about your health, but for whatever reason, you just don't care anymore. You noticed that women are still attracted to you, but they never stick around. You buy them high ticketed items, but it's just not good enough.

Sir, let me help you out and be frank. "You've lost your MOJO!" Yes, women come and go and it's because of your MONEY. Women are innately attracted to men with money and power even if they aren't into THE MAN 🤷🏽‍♀️. Unfortunately, most people want a "come up" and most women don't f*#% for FREE, especially these days.

Secondly Sir, you asking women to have something you don't have - a banging body, a beautiful smile, no children, and so on. On the contrary, you're out of shape, missing teeth, breath stinks, demanding, have children, and you have money 💰 (blah blah blah). So what ..... Money is an energetic commodity and you're attracting the wrong type of women with the wrong energy because you don't have your shit 💩 together. Energy doesn't lie.

Cheron, What Can I Do?

First, you must take off the title that you wear so closely like CEO, athlete, entertainer, doctor, or whatever that is. You must DECIDE to look at your inner self and find out who that is. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who are you without the money or the title?

  • What makes you happy?

  • What makes you smile from the inside out?

  • Who am I?

When working with athletes, I've found that many are ONLY the game and once the game is gone and the accolades have demenished, they are lost. So again, who are you NOT what are you? Who are you without the money? Who are you without that beautiful women by your side? Who are you without the prestigious title?

HELP Cheron

Ok! Let start here and I'm glad that you asked. You need a total revamp, a transformation, a mind 🧠 change. Please note that your health should be priority. Decide to make lifestyle changes and let's reset your mind. Why? Because what you think about will manifest and you only get one body. Take care of it. Think of yourself as a beautiful soul that's healthy and that woman are attracted to you because your spirit is kind, calm, soothing, and lovable. Why? Because you deserve LOVE ❤️. Since you are on this transformative journey, lets get you a new wardrobe, some smell goods, and your confidence back. The truth is that you can be happy all day everyday 😘


If you are a man who's interested in changing his life, I'm here to assist you on your pursuit of true happiness and not a temporary fix. I have the secret sauce to get you what you want, need, and desire from a professional perspective and a woman who knows her shit and thrive off of results.

Cheron K. Griffin

Dating Concierge and Matchmaker

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