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I Don't Need A Man!

I Hate Those Damn Words

I often here women say " I don't need a man." The fact is that you probably don't need a man for his finances, but you do need a man for something. Traditionally, men protect and provide offering a stable environment for his family. Ladies, even though you are making six or seven figures, please allow a man to still be a man. Often times, I hear women speaking about splitting the bill on a date. Who does that and why? In my humble opinion, STOP DOING THIS! You are operating in the masculine. Yes, it's okay to treat your man, but in the dating space, allow a man to court you. You are the prize so let him win you over.

Men, am I telling you to spend all your coins? I am not. I want you to become creative in the dating space. Do something different that will increase your chances of winning her over. Be thoughtful from the beginning. Challenge the status quo offering your date a unique experience. It's okay to take your date out for dinner, but a cute picnic is fun and different. It gives you the opportunity to share a private open space in the elements. It's simple. It's cute. And it's thoughtful.

Dating can be challenging, but dating can also be beautiful. Ladies and gentleman, be open to the uniqueness of every person you date. Embrace their differences and learn something new. from their experiences. Learn to laugh a lot and smile even more. There are great men and women who are available to you if you are open to receiving them.

Cheron K. Griffin, Matchmaker

Dating Concierge and Coach

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