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For five weeks, I immersed myself in the vibrant and complex world of Sosua, a small town in the Dominican Republic known for its beaches, nightlife, and the women who work as prostitutes. As a writer and researcher, I was determined to understand why so many men from different parts of the world were drawn to this place, and what motivated them to seek romantic relationships with women who worked in the sex industry.


Through countless interviews with these men, I uncovered a wide range of reasons and experiences, from the search for adventure and pleasure, to the desire for companionship and love. But what struck me the most was the profound impact that these relationships had on the women themselves, and how often their stories were overlooked or misunderstood.


With this book, I hope to shed light on the complex dynamics of sex tourism and the women who work in it, and to offer a dating guide and tool for women who may be seeking answers, healing, or guidance in their own relationships. Based on my interviews and research, I believe that the answer is found within each of us, in our own stories, experiences, and desires. By listening to ourselves and honoring our needs and values, we can create healthy and fulfilling relationships, and empower ourselves and others in the process.

134 Reasons You Can't Find A Man

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