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Meet Cheron K. Griffin



When you know who your are and the power you possess, you won't live a mediocre life -  jealous and envious of others.  My name is Cheron K. Griffin aka Madame Butterfly and I exude confidence because I LOVE WHO I AM.  One day I decided to heal.  This was the beginning of a beautiful journey called METAMORPHOSIS.​  I went from welfare to wealth and from victim to victor.  I'm a survivor of domestic violence and childhood sexual abuse.  If I can change my story, you can too.  We create our own narratives and we can script our lives.  It's never too late.


I am the person that most people contact when they are ready to heal, love thy selfie, walk in purpose, date, or create a better life and increase their MONEY which takes skill and CONFIDENCE!  I am a thought provoker who teaches people especially women how to be the best version of themselves.   I am an author of five self help books.  I am a dope ass creator -  a beauty brand to reality tv to business ideas.  I am the CEO of CKG Unlimited LLC and Grow A Girl Network Inc, my non profit organization that serves an at risk community.  I own About Your Smile Luxury Teeth Whitening Bar Franchise.  And finally, I empower people through service - speaking, writing,  philanthropy, suicide prevention, and my online presence.  Allow me to help you become the best version of yourself and create the life you want.  I have the formula you need to change your narrative and increase your cash flow.

I am available for corporate, private, and public speaking events.  You will not leave disappointed, but encouraged, and inspired.  Please email us at boss@cheronkgriffin.com for any inquiries. 


Are You Ready?

Are You Ready To Change Your Life and Your Cash Flow?  Let Me Assist You.