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Cheron K. Griffin

Cheron K. Griffin is an accomplished former First Lady, widely recognized for her passion and selflessness. A successful entrepreneur, author, producer, motivational speaker, and suicide prevention advocate, Griffin holds certifications in life strategy coaching, stress management coaching, and fitness and lifestyle management. Her incredible determination enabled her to transform her body, losing 41 pounds without weight loss surgery, dropping from 186 to 145 pounds. Prior to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Griffin worked as a professional dental hygienist for high-profile clients, including the Philadelphia 76ers, which led her to become a personal life coach and consultant for industry leaders. Griffin holds a Bachelor's degree in Science from the University of Maryland, Baltimore and is certified in Mental Health and First Aid. She is also the Founder of About Your Smile Luxury Teeth Whitening Bar Franchise.


Griffin is widely recognized as The World's #1 Thought Provoker, particularly in the areas of dating, marriage, and relationships. She has empowered countless women to embrace the soft life, teaching women how to heal and men how to love.  Griffin's groundbreaking dating guide, 134 Reasons You Can't Find a Man, challenges women to heal from past traumas and improve their chances of finding love. She is a Manifester Generator, motivating people to think outside the box and manifest their desires to live a purposeful life.

Griffin has made significant contributions to the entertainment and education sectors, advocating for various social issues. Her reality series, Preachers' Exes, serves as a platform to convey informative messages to the public. Her book, 3 PM: The Preacher. The Power. The Penis & Me, chronicles her life transformation from a married woman of sixteen years to a single woman of eight years until she remarried. Her latest book, I SEE YOU: Igniting Hope & Preventing Suicide, aims to save lives, particularly those of children. Griffin has been featured in the LA Sentinel as a "2019 Black Inspiration" and interviewed by Rolling Out Magazine and Jamie Foster Brown, the creator of Sister2Sister Magazine, for her suicide prevention book and I See You Campaign ®. She is also the founder of Grow A Girl Network, Inc., a 501C3 non-profit organization that mentors at-risk girls and women, with a mission to change tomorrow's communities. Griffin is a community partner with Spring Independent School District in North Houston.

As a keynote speaker, Griffin has shared her message across Africa and Europe, using her life experiences and education to inspire and motivate audiences. She co-founded the True Deliverance Praise and Worship Center in Northern Italy and is an influential communicator with a strong online presence. Griffin has earned the trust of her online community, which has resulted in an open and strong interpersonal connection. Her superior listening skills enable her to guide, counsel, and coach effectively. Her interaction with her audience inspired her to create the Beetle and Butterfly Movement, and she is a leader's leader, coaching pastors and high-profile clients. Griffin's presence is transformative, leaving audiences feeling renewed and empowered for the future. She hosts Dental Wellness Vacations and online LIVE podcasts, such as Just Ask Madame (JAM) and 50 Shades of Blue, and is available for matchmaking and relationship and dating coaching.

Cheron is available for Booking Signings, Workshops, and Speaking Engagements.  Please contact Felicia @ with your request.

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