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A Pleasure to Meet You!


Cheron K. Griffin also known as Madame Butterfly stands as an exceptional individual, adorned with a remarkable assortment of talents and achievements. She is a polymath and she stands as the visionary behind the captivating Preachers Exes Reality TV Show, now accessible on Tubi, as well as the driving force behind the uplifting I See You Campaign—a dedicated effort aimed at nurturing hope and preventing the tragedy of suicide.

In addition to these accomplishments, Cheron takes pride in her ownership of the esteemed About Your Smile Luxury Teeth Whitening Bar Franchise and the renowned RBL Beauty Brand. To further enrich her diverse portfolio, she takes the helm of the engrossing 50 Shades of Blue Podcast, where unexpected dialogues gracefully unfold.

Presently, Cheron dedicates her full efforts to the realm of dating and relationship coaching, along with matchmaking and curating premium date experiences as a dating concierge, specifically tailored for busy professionals and high achieving individuals. With a history of successfully uniting her parents at the tender age of twelve and drawing upon her own journey of five marriages, she brings a wealth of wisdom and proficiency to her vocation. Her clientele ranges from doctors and athletes to individuals whose demanding schedules preclude them from crafting memorable moments for their loved ones.

Cheron's remarkable achievements as a life coach have empowered her to extend her offerings internationally, influenced by her extensive travels and immersion in diverse cultures. Her fervor lies in guiding others through the intricacies of the dating landscape, rooted in her own experiences as a serial dater in pursuit of a life partner.

For those seeking Cheron's invaluable guidance, she extends both group coaching and VIP services. If you are interested in enlisting Cheron K. Griffin for an upcoming event or availing any of her services, kindly fill out our contact form.

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